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What we do

On the Ground


Each week you will find us doing rural chaplain stuff in three livestock markets in different rural towns.

We are involved in the industry ourselves and stay on top of developments in the trade.

We are able to identify with and address the issues of the day with the people we meet from a Christian perspective and very often are able to give both practical help and copies of the Christian Scriptures which we see as our primary material resource for both finding wisdom and for strengthening people from the inside out.

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Because of the way we meet people, contact may be sporadic and it can be months between one conversation and another, so we back up our contact by maintaining an active presence online. (Click the pic.)

We produce little videos with a Verse for the Day, a Word for the Week each week and a 'Deep-Dive' into Scripture which is basically the sermon (audio, video and transcript) from the DIY Sunday Service Kit which seeks to meet the needs of farming and rural workers who can't always get the time away from their responsibilities to get to church at the usual sorts of times set for services every week.

Obviously, we are also busy on the more interactive sorts of social media channels, and we have the capability to put a link on people's smartphones to access our content more easily.    Check that out HERE 

On the Road

Sometimes crises arise for rural people ... of any faith and none ... far from the reach of a local church that is willing and able to give much needed pastoral, spiritual and practical support.

We are thinly stretched because the need can be significant but we do also respond to these crises as seems most appropriate and as best we can in our four wheel drive vehicles.

We also help, support and travel to revitalise viable but struggling Christian churches in rural areas, which can be at a distance, until people based more locally can be helped to step in to sustain the work.

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