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y GRWP exists to support the pioneering, gathering and revitalising of Christian communities in rural Wales through rural chaplaincy ministries.
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About us

y GRWP is a charity registered in Wales governed by a board of five trustees.

It supports a rural Chaplaincy ministry that operates

on the ground (wherever rural people gather),

online (to maintain regular contact across a geographically dispersed area) and

on the road (responding in the Chaplaincy Landrover to crises in the rural community).

At y GRWP we subscribe to the FIEC Basis of Faith

The Call to the Hills Conference

We're sponsoring a big Prayer Event and Conference with a big evening of prayer March 1st) then experienced reflective practitioners addressing issues of real relevance to reaching out to the people of rural Wales (March 2nd.).

March 1st & 2nd 2024 - Llandovery.

Click on 'Book the Conference'!

Message us for the programme.

What we do

We serve a very widely dispersed population on farms and in villages across mid and West Wales, so our approach to the people we serve is to go where rural people gather and make ourselves available there.

That includes all sorts of gatherings, but we are found most regularly in three livestock markets each week, serving the vision of 'Strengthening Farmers from the Inside Out'.

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Registered charity no. 1170827

Meeting need

We address felt needs and anxieties amongst the people we serve, advocating for rural people and addressing their concerns practically as an expression of our Christian faith.

For example we have responded to anxiety about health service inequalities in rural areas. We've trained staff as responders and set up Basic Life Support courses in marts, on farms and in village halls, where issues of life and death and how we face them often arise.

Could you help our work?

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